Rider Policies

In order to enhance the riding experience and for the safety and comfort of all our passengers, please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • No eating, smoking, radios (other than with ear piece), or other loud or offensive noises. Drinks are allowed in covered travel containers.

  • Strollers must be folded prior to boarding the bus, and must be secured on board with the customer and not blocking any aisle. Large strollers that cannot be secured with the customer are deemed to be potential “flying objects” in case of a hard brake or accident, and may be refused by the Operator. 

  • Children can never be left in a stroller on the bus.

  • All customers should remain seated while the bus is in motion.  There is no aisle standing (“strap-hanging”) accommodation on the Hudson Link buses.

  • All customers should have their fares ready prior to boarding the bus, so they can be seated safely. This includes having the app open to the validated ticket, printed fare media or cash ready.
  • ​For our ADA guidelines please visit our ADA Acess page, Click Here.